deeeuw The Age of Dudok

In The Age of Dudok the five novels of Otto de Kat are collected. The reader suddenly realises that the main characters of the novels are in one way or the other connected by familybonds.
This penthology is in a broader sense a family saga. The history of Europe and the history of one particular family are being mingeld, and form one literary story.
The author wrote a little story as an Epilogue: The Age of Dudok. read more

Langste-nacht The longest night

Since the liberation of the Netherlands, Emma Verweij has been living in Rotterdam, in a street which became a stronghold of friendships for its inhabitants during the Second World War. She marries Bruno, they have two sons, and she determines to block out the years she spent in Nazi Berlin during the war, with her first husband Carl. read more

Bericht-uit-BerlijnNews from Berlin

June 1941. Dutch diplomat Oscar Verschuur has been posted to neutral Switzerland. His family is spread across Europe. His wife Kate works as a nurse in London and their daughter Emma is living in Berlin with her husband Carl, a ‘good’ German who works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. read more


One summer’s afternoon in 1981, a factory owner, Christiaan Dudok, is found dead in his study having taken his own life. He has left no suicide note, but on his desk is a newspaper from 2 April 1942, reporting on the bombing of the north German town of Lübeck. read more

InscheperMan on the Move

In January 1935, Rob leaves Holland for Cape Town, a young man thirsting for adventure and wanting above all to leave his family’s suffocating hold on him behind. After a brutal stint in the diamond mines, he sails to Java to join the Dutch forces in their last stand against the invading Japanese. Here he finds Guus, a fellow countryman and the best friend he will ever have. read more

The Figure in the distance

Cambridge, Budapest, New York, Zurich, The Hague, Tel Aviv, the South Downs of England: the narrator has travelled everywhere. He has observed some of the major upheavals of the century – the Six Day War, the Prague Spring – and collected friends, lovers, and passions every step of the way. read more